Identifying which roles someone has can be a pain sometimes. Especially on larger servers, the restriction of one role color at a time means that it can be hard to tell which other roles someone has without actively opening their profile up to look. It's impossible to identify multiple roles at just a glance.

This is why I created RoleBadger - so you can add badges to your roles! RoleBadger will allow you to set and manage emoji badges that will be suffixed to the end of the role-holders' nicknames. This is all done in such a way that your members will still be able to change their nicknames just as normal, without losing their badges.

Please note that RoleBadger is rather old, and going quite senile at the moment. I'm working on solving the issues, but in the meantime he may not work as expected.

Pong! [command]

Get help with using RoleBadger.

rb.setbadge <role name|id> <badge>

Set a role's badge. Role names with spaces should be wrapped in quotes.

rb.delbadge <role name|id>

Remove a role's badge.


Force RoleBadger to update all the badges on your server. This may take a while.


Delete all badges on your server.


List all badges on your server.


RoleBadger cannot put badges on the server's owner.

Rolebadger cannot use custom emoji as badges.

Emoji may look slightly different as badges than in chat.

RoleBadger still abides by the 32 character nickname limit, so badges may get cut off by long names.